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Dealing with an Infected Root Canal in Cambridge?

Is your tooth infected or decayed? The pulp of your tooth contains nerves, blood vessels and connective tissues. Through cavities or cracks, bacteria can creep into your tooth’s pulp and cause abscesses, pain and swelling. When it comes to treatment, a root canal is sometimes the best option for saving the tooth rather than having it extracted. A root canal treatment involves removing the infected or dead pulp of your tooth and filling the space into with special dental material to restore the tooth.

Get in touch with Cambridge dentists at Solar Dental to discuss if a root canal is the best option for you. You can find our office located in Cambridge serving both in-town and out-of-town patients.

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Common Symptoms for Root Canal Therapy

  • Frequent pain in tooth and gums
  • Extreme sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Abscess or pimples on gums
  • Large visible cavity that is decaying the tooth
  • Foul taste or odour near the affected tooth even after brushing your teeth

Many patients however experience no symptoms at all until the problem becomes more serious. Routine dental checkups can prevent this.

"Root canal" has become a scary term for dental patients to hear, but the benefits of the procedure and advances in dental technology have made it much less "scary".

Local anesthetics and proper pain medication allow the procedure to be performed with little to no pain in most cases. There may be some soreness following the procedure, but that is normal for most dental procedures.

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What happens in Root Canal Treatment?

While the tooth is under numb, an access opening is made on top of the tooth and a series of root canal files are placed into the opening, one at a time while removing the pulp, nerve tissue, and bacteria. If tooth decay is present, it will also be removed with special dental instruments.

Once the tooth has been cleaned the roots and the inside cavity of the tooth will be filled and sealed with special dental materials. A filling will be placed to cover the opening on top of the tooth. In addition, all teeth that have root canal treatment should have a crown placed. This will protect the tooth and prevent it from breaking, and restore it to its full function.

Is Root Canal Therapy painful?

Root Canal is usually not as painful as you think! The procedure is performed under local Anaesthesia to numb the tooth bring treated. There is usually sensitivity after the procedure is completed until the tooth heals. A lot of patients are anxious because they don't know what to expect. At Solar Dental Cambridge, we inform our patients of each step involved, so they are comfortable about their Root Canal Therapy.

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